About Kiwi International A/S

We are a very well-trusted, well-consolidated, reliable, and preferred business partner and trading house.
We are specialized in consolidation of a large assortment of top-branded products with the capability to offer ”all-In” logistics services, tailored to the needs of our partners.
  • We have over 25 years of experience in the FMCG industry.
  • We do business in apx. 33 countries (and growing) in selected and specialized segments and channels.
  • We have a strong team of committed and dedicated employees.
  • We strive to ensure and provide the most fluent and reliable pre- and post-sales experience.
  • We are a very well-trusted, well-consolidated, reliable, and preferred business partner and trading house.
  • We are committed to the highest level of compliance and standards in our field of business.
  • We have external warehouse facilities in Denmark, Germany & The Netherlands.

Why choose kiwi international as your preferred business partner?

  • Kiwi International is a professional, experienced, and reliable business partner in the FMCG industry.
  • With more than 25 years of history and experience, we have a proven track record of establishing successful business in cooperation with our commercial partners and clients.
  • Our strong results stem from our in-depth knowledge for specialized channels and segments, which are not directly served by the FMCG industry owners.
  • The markets, channels, and segments, which we have been identifying, serving, and developing in the past decades, provide a unique opportunity for industry players to grow their business in several ways, without disrupting the conventional sales establishments.
  • This is always accomplished with the utmost professionalism and an emphasis on transparency, reliability, and trustworthiness, in full compliance with the standards and requirements of the brand owners.

What We deal with

  • Regular Supply / Made-to-Order Supply
  • Ready Stock
  • Surplus / Excess Stock
  • Discontinued lines and change in packaging, EAN, etc.
  • Overproduction / Clearance

Logistic Services

Kiwi International is an experienced full-service logistics provider with the capability to offer, arrange, and coordinate “all-in” packages across our elaborate network of external warehousing and forwarding partners, including every step from making quotations, to delivery of goods at any destination, worldwide.

This allows us to customize all logistics operations to the needs and convenience of our partners, while at the same time, being able to maintain a comprehensive control of the flow of products, making sure that they reach their targeted destination and market, every time!
  • We accommodate individual requirements and provide tailored warehousing and freight offers and services, enabling our partners to enjoy a seamless and secure flow of their products.
  • We offer full-service CFR / CIF / CPT logistic solutions across freight options on Road, Sea, and Air.
  • We are experts in consolidation of orders across various brands / products from several independent suppliers, allowing for full convenience and customization of procurement.
  • We collaborate with some of the best warehousing and logistics in DK, DE, NL, etc.
  • We provide complete and elaborate warehouse inspection and loading reports, covering in- and outtake reports, picture of the goods, count of the orders (cartons and pallets), documentation of production and expiry dates (BBD’s), truck and container loadings step-by-step, container closings and seal number, etc.
  • We are able to issue all necessary export documents, e.g. Bill of Lading (B/L), Air Waybill (AWB), CMR, EUR1 Invoice Declaration, Certificate of Origin (COO), Health Certificate (HC), Packing list, Delivery Note, Commercial Invoice, etc., in compliance with the customs requirements.

Segments & Channels

“We do business in apx. 33 countries (and growing) in selected and specialized segments and channels.”
  • Privately held stores
  • Non-food chains
  • Ethnic Markets
  • Specialized stores
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Odd segments & channels
  • Micro (smart) markets
  • Hard-to-reach markets
  • Cooled Vending
  • Company gifting
  • Selected Horeca
  • Leisure resorts


Have a look at the many brands we can supply ”


  • We have a constant focus on freight optimization and reduction wasteful transport options, by always striving to finding the shortest and fastest consolidation options and avoiding non-essential movement of goods.
  • Our organization is dedicated to completely transform our work into digital processes, while stepping away from an analogue paper community, which in turns lowers our use of printing paper, ink, physical folders and document storage, electricity, etc.
  • We primarily work with partners that live up to the standards in relation to environmental awareness in production, transport, packaging, etc., clients, suppliers, transport forwarders, warehousing facilities, etc.
  • We practice and strive to only work with industry players who focus on healthy social conditions through equality, security and rights amongst employees and subcontractors.
  • The highest level of business ethics, trust, and compliance towards our partners, as well as internally and in relation to the government and public sector requirements, is our top priority!

Vision, Mission & Core Values

“We deal where others don’t, as it is our belief that everyone has the right to have access to top quality brands and products, no matter how specialized or fragmented their accessible sales channels and segments are.”
Whilst the global FMCG industry is a well-established entity, it continues to overlook the vast potential waiting to be explored in the segments and channels, which are not directly served by the industry owners themselves.
We have worked for over two decades to change this, as it brings no value to neither the industry brand owners, nor to the potential consumers, to leave this opportunity untapped.
“At Kiwi International we strive to facilitate growth for leading FMCG companies by increasing turnover through quality brand accessibility in specialized segments and channels, which the industry does not serve or deal with directly.”
We know that the future growth and development of the FMCG industry is tightly connected to the ability of identifying, understanding and harnessing the drivers of the specialized market segments and channels, by continuously pursuing a sustainable and proactive approach to sourcing through successfully managing a stable and non-disruptive flow of goods by forecasting and demand planning in close collaboration with our clients and industry owners to ensure a win-win situation for all our partners.
This is realized by utilizing our many years of experience and expertise, while tapping into the segments and channels that we have identified built for the last two decades, in full compliance with the brand owners that we work with and a non-disruptive approach to the environment that we operate in.
“Kiwi International is an innovative, agile, and professional workplace with more than 25 years of experience and a proven track record in the FMCG industry, which makes us an interesting, attractive, and reliable business partner.”
Our main drivers to succeed in our endeavors are closely tied to our more than 25 years of experience in the FMCG industry, as well as our core values of professionalism, reliability, trust, agility, and quality assurance, which in turn assure high brand and customer retention.
At the same time, our entire team is driven by dedication and expertise with a common objective of creating a strong and well-established organization to develop and grow our business for decades ahead, in close collaboration with both industry suppliers and customers alike.

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The Key Team

Name Position Tel / WhatsApp Email
Kim Soya CEO +45 40205554
Michael Smidth Sales Director +45 31365437
Søren Blixt Export Manager +45 24426919
Neel Bodholdt Logistics Manager +45 22891835
Francisco Hygom Finance Manager +45 53739970
  Sales Assistance +45  39617660